Shipping Perfumes: How to Send Fragrances Safely

Sending perfumes and other fragrances can be tricky business due to restrictions on how much can be shipped at a time as well as size of each bottle or container in a shipment. Learn how to pack fragrances securely for safe delivery.

Shipping Perfumes: How to Send Fragrances Safely

Sending perfumes and other fragrances can be a tricky business. There are restrictions on how much can be shipped at a time, as well as the size of each bottle or container in a shipment. To ensure that your package arrives safely, it is important to understand the rules and regulations for shipping perfumes. The first step in shipping your perfume is to make sure that your shipment is packed securely and with all the right labels.

USPS is the first choice for many consumers when it comes to shipping items, whether they are more routine shipments or less common packages, including delicate items such as perfumes. The customer must confirm that the perfume container does not exceed 16 fluid ounces and is sufficiently cushioned to prevent damage. The container must also be strong enough to withstand normal handling. Additionally, the package must be marked “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only”.

When eBay sellers ship fragrances, you need to make sure you pack them carefully. Glass bottles may break during transport if not properly packaged. Always wrap glass fragrance bottles in several layers of bubble wrap. Then, place the wrapped bottle inside a box with at least 4 inches of space between the wrapped bottle and the box.

Fill the space with packing peanuts or shredded newspaper. If you send several bottles, wrap them in bubble wrap individually and make sure there is enough space between each bottle inside the box so they don't touch each other. Fill all empty areas with lots of peanuts to pack. Once the box is closed and taped properly, try to shake it slightly - you shouldn't hear anything moving inside the box. Once your package is loaded with your perfume (s), fill the extra gaps between the perfume and the side of the box with packing peanuts, air-filled shipping pillows, or other packaging material so that it acts as a buffer and prevents too much movement.

One of the exceptions listed by USPS that allows perfume to be shipped by air is the provision of excepted quantity, which can be found here. This is because the perfume has high concentrations of ethyl alcohol, which makes them a flammable liquid and may make them unsafe for certain types of trips. Even if you use custom packaging, there will still be plenty of room for your perfume bottle to move inside your package. Since perfume is listed as a hazardous substance under USPS regulations, perfume can only be shipped by ground transportation service. It is clear that carriers may have variable rules, but the shipment of perfumes is not the only thing that can have different regulations. When shipping perfumes or other liquid fragrances, USPS restricts senders to ground transportation only.

Although you can ship perfumes and colognes anywhere in the United States without any problem, the same is not the case for international destinations. Alcohol is one of the ingredients in perfumes and other beauty products, and many countries prohibit shipping. Sending perfumes and other cosmetic and beauty products requires a very careful understanding of the messaging guidelines. Also, if you are going to pack more than one bottle of perfume in a package, make sure you leave enough space between the two bottles so that they don't break each other during transport. This means that having a solid understanding of the ins and outs of how to send perfumes and how to send makeup, in general, is key.

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