Shipping Perfume: What You Need to Know

Sending perfume by mail requires special considerations due to its flammable component. Learn what you need to know about USPS regulations for shipping fragrances safely.

Shipping Perfume: What You Need to Know

Sending perfume by mail can be tricky, as it is considered a hazardous material due to its flammable component. USPS strictly prohibits international shipping of liquid fragrances, and domestic shipping is only allowed by ground transportation. Proper packaging is key when sending fragrances, as glass bottles may break during transport if not properly wrapped. When shipping domestically, perfume also cannot be sent by express mail, priority mail or first class mail.

When eBay sellers ship fragrances, they need to make sure they pack them carefully. Glass bottles should be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and placed inside a box with at least 4 inches of space between the wrapped bottle and the box. Fill the space with packing peanuts or shredded newspaper. If you send several bottles, wrap them in bubble wrap individually and make sure there is enough space between each bottle inside the box so that they don't touch each other.

Fill all empty areas with lots of peanuts to pack. Once the box is closed and taped properly, try to shake it slightly - you shouldn't hear anything moving inside the box. Depending on the exempted quantity provision, perfumes containing 30 ml or less of liquid perfume in the main packaging may be shipped by air, and no more than 500 ml in total is allowed in the entire postal shipment. USPS allows customers to ship perfumes, although you can only ship them by ground shipping, such as USPS Retail Ground, if you don't qualify for excepted quantity provision. As it is considered a dangerous commodity, it is essential to know what to use and how to label packages containing perfume.

Once your package is loaded with your perfume (s), fill the extra gaps between the perfume and the side of the box with packing peanuts, air-filled shipping pillows, or other packaging material so that it acts as a buffer and prevents too much movement. Understanding how to send perfume by mail based on these different considerations will ensure timely deliveries so you can keep customers happy and avoid problems. If you accidentally end up sending perfume that does not comply with USPS rules, one possibility is that the customs authorities of the destination country will destroy your package or that it arrives empty at its destination.

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