Why Can't You Send Perfume by Mail?

Sending perfumes and other beauty products by mail can be tricky business. Learn about restrictions, regulations, proper packaging techniques and more.

Why Can't You Send Perfume by Mail?

Sending perfumes and other beauty products by mail can be a tricky business. Alcohol-based fragrances cannot be shipped internationally or sent by air transport, but they can be shipped within the United States by ground transportation. It is important to understand the restrictions and regulations that come with shipping these items, as well as the proper packaging techniques to ensure safe delivery. When eBay sellers ship fragrances, they need to make sure they pack them carefully.

Glass bottles should be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and placed inside a box with at least 4 inches of space between the wrapped bottle and the box. Fill the space with packing peanuts or shredded newspaper, and make sure there is enough space between each bottle inside the box. Once the box is closed and taped properly, try to shake it slightly - you shouldn't hear anything moving inside the box. Perfume, nail polish and other beauty products are considered hazardous materials and cannot be shipped like any other parcel.

When shipping perfumes or other liquid fragrances, USPS restricts senders to ground transportation only. Express mail, priority mail or first class mail are not allowed either. Due to the content of flammable ethyl alcohol, perfume for shipment requires TSA clearance and validation that the shipping company knows how to pack dangerous goods. Even if you use custom packaging, there will still be plenty of room for your perfume bottle to move inside your package.

Having a solid understanding of the ins and outs of how to send perfumes and how to send makeup in general is key. To safely ship your perfume bottles and other beauty items, you will need to understand the product classifications that are attributed to these items. USPS has modified the question about hazardous materials for retail customer experience to help employees understand if a customer's package contains perfume. Fortunately, despite the obstacles, shipping perfumes and other beauty products is no more expensive than shipping other products. Understanding how to mail perfume based on the different considerations will ensure timely deliveries so you can keep customers happy and avoid problems.

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