Is it Worth Investing in an Expensive Perfume?

Discover why investing in an expensive perfume may be worth it and learn about 11 benefits of using an expensive fragrance.

Is it Worth Investing in an Expensive Perfume?

When it comes to fragrances, there is a common misconception that expensive perfumes are always better than cheaper ones. However, this is not necessarily true. Synthetic ingredients found in some cheap fragrances can cause skin rashes or other reactions, so for someone with sensitivity issues, investing in an expensive perfume may be worth it. But even if you don't have any allergies, there are still many benefits to buying an expensive perfume.

As another poster said, it's the whole experience. Niche fragrances are much deeper and richer than their imitations, and every part of the drought is an experience in itself. It's like buying several fragrances for the price of one. My research revealed a number of positive benefits of using an expensive perfume.

They contain higher quality ingredients, last longer, are more exclusive, more desirable, plus you can feel more elegant just by using them. Here are 11 benefits of using expensive perfume that I discovered:

  • Higher quality ingredients
  • Longer lasting scent
  • More exclusive
  • More desirable
  • Feel more elegant
  • Exotic ingredients
  • Better quality than cheap colognes
  • Pure and original
  • Strong but surprisingly fresh notes
  • Award-winning chefs often use high-quality ingredients
  • High-end perfumers still use synthetic ingredients
You can easily get these perfumes from the most trusted fragrance store, Elite Perfumes. Its perfumes consist of a modern touch; a perfect combination of strong but surprisingly fresh notes. Interestingly, all three perfumes are retailed at £100 per 100ml (roughly), so they aren't even inexpensive. The point is because cheaper clones of these (or even unique creations released at lower prices) will do exactly the same thing: they need to appeal to their target market, and their target market likes the synthetic sugary odors. When you pay more for a luxury perfume, you don't pay for ingredients, etc., but you pay for an experience.

It is also worth noting that even perfumes with real sandalwood and jasmine, etc. can be obtained for approximately £75 per 50 ml from traditional specialist suppliers. It is now owned by renowned perfume giant Estee Lauder and produces some of my favorite unisex colognes. Most cheap perfumes can replicate the top notes of a more expensive version (the scent that lasts about half an hour after spraying), but without the right essential oils to add middle notes and base notes, it won't be able to last that long. Buying low-cost perfumes will allow you to have a large collection with the same budget as two or three brands. On top of that, the perfume may not smell like it originally did at the end of the day, or it may actually end up smelling bad. An expensive fragrance is often developed over a long period of time by skilled perfumers, whose time costs money.

From giving your confidence a boost to adding value to your personality, a good perfume can do wonders for you.

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