Can You Legally Ship Perfume By Mail?

Sending perfumes by mail can be tricky. Learn how to legally ship perfumes domestically and internationally with this expert guide.

Can You Legally Ship Perfume By Mail?

Sending perfumes by mail is a tricky business. While it is possible to ship perfumes domestically, international shipping of liquid fragrances is strictly prohibited by USPS and FedEx due to their flammable hazardous material content. This is because perfumes contain high concentrations of ethyl alcohol, which makes them a flammable liquid and may make them unsafe for certain types of trips.

If you are sending the perfume domestically, then delivering your perfume is legal. First, wrap the perfume bottle several times in a buffer layer (bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc.) and secure it with adhesive tape, or use an individually branded box for your perfume and secure it firmly. Due to the content of flammable ethyl alcohol, perfume for shipment requires TSA authorization and validation so that the shipping company knows how to pack dangerous goods. Once your package is loaded with your perfume (s), fill any extra space between the perfume and the side of the box with packing peanuts, air-filled shipping pillows, or other packaging material so that it acts as a buffer and prevents too much movement.

Under the excepted quantity provision, perfumes containing 30 ml or less of liquid perfume in the main container may be shipped by air, and no more than 500 ml in total is allowed in the entire postal shipment. Also, if you are going to pack more than one bottle of perfume in a package, make sure you leave enough space between the two bottles so that they don't break each other during transport. Then place the wrapped bottle or individual box in a small, sturdy box (use corrugated boxes for extra protection) that has about 4 inches of space around the perfume bottle.

An alternative approach would be to purchase the item in the country where your recipient lives and then ship to their location. Make sure you inform them of your purchase and delivery of the perfume.

It is clear that carriers may have variable rules, but the shipment of perfumes is not the only thing that can have different regulations. USPS is the first choice for many consumers when it comes to shipping items, whether it's more routine shipments or less common packages, including delicate items such as perfumes.

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